About Us

Classically trained in architecture, we bring our knowledge of space, light, and design to your home in hand crafted silhouettes that celebrate the magic of childhood for the young and the young at heart.

Each design is assembled by hand by a mother and daughter team on acid-free paper to ensure our designs can be handed down from one generation to the next.


Madison Patrizi

Madison is the founder and chief designer of The Paperclips Company. The inspiration for our company came when her niece Camille was born and Madison created three shadow boxes by hand for Camille's nursery. While the process has changed slightly since then, Madison brings the same joy, creativity, and love to each piece she creates.

Madison has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame, where she learned the fundamentals of both structure and design. She uses the drafting and design skills learned both in school and in her previous practice at Moule & Polyzoides in Pasadena, California to create one of a kind, breathtaking designs for our company.

Madison and her husband Raffaele, who met in Rome while Madison was conducting research her senior year of college, recently relocated to Charlotte, NC to be closer to family. When not designing and creating, Madison and Raffaele enjoy spending time with their dog, Martin, cooking and baking fresh bread, traveling and spending time with family. She loves Coldplay - her dog is named after Chris Martin - and cheering on her alma mater on football Saturdays.



Kathy Hagen

Kathy is the matriarch of our family and our family business. As director of operations, Kathy oversees a variety of tasks including product sourcing, assembly and shipping, and much, much more. Kathy brings over two decades of experience in accounting and marketing to our team and is truly the linchpin of our company and the key to our success.

Originally from the Midwest, Kathy and her husband Jeff lived for 23 years in Sierra Madre, CA before relocating to Charlotte, NC last year. They are the proud parents of four children and even prouder grandparents to Camille. Kathy enjoys walking and hiking with her two dogs (plus her grandpuppies Ghost and Martin), traveling, exploring her new city, and volunteering. She is currently learning Japanese and her kids will tell you she is great at making holidays feel special and creating one of a kind Halloween costumes!